A VR experience for the first time in a VR trial with a VR experience!


Hello! This is Ooki!

PlayStation VR release date! It is!

In order to acquire PS PS VR, the news queuing in the shop gets in the eyes ….
This year, “VR First Year” is making a noise.

It is particularly exciting especially for people involved in industry, the media, people who love games, and knowledgeable experts!

We are only paying attention to the spread of VR market in the future!


For VR beginners who do not know VR, “Hako Trip”


Recently “inquiry” inquiries have increased.

Again, there is also the release of PS PS VR, I feel that the attention to VR is getting even higher.

It seems that VR products currently influential and currently represented by PlayStation VR ranges from tens of thousands of yen upwards in class.

Even in that price range people with understanding of VR are first picked up and feel that it is a situation where the world feeling of VR is enjoyed.

VR can be understood by experiencing even once, feeling of unexperienced feeling, many people feel, feeling.

I feel that a lot of people are likely to be drawn into the VR world’s omnipresence … · · ·


Whether the launch for the so – called [VR beginner] is not going well … · · ·.

For example, to the VR goggle which is placed at the shop now,

Is VR beginner more aware of it?

I know the word “VR”, though,

What is it like?

Where is it? · · ·.

There are many people who do not know.

First of all, do you know [VR beginner] about VR?

● Do not know what you can experience with VR?

● Do not know where you are selling?

● I do not want to buy high things suddenly · · ·.

If we can solve these problems, the recognition of VR is more

Will not it spread?

“Hako Trip” is to clear up such current issues

Product package design easy to choose at stores,

It is good that novice beginners bought VR goggles, but in order not to get lost as to what to look at,

It is a beginner friendly VR goggles goods that you can see immediately after purchasing videos matching the product lineup on the VR content page dedicated to Hako Trip!

【Features of VR Goggle “Hako Trip”】


・· Set of VR video content and VR goggles


Hako Trip VR goggles have 2 eye specifications and 1 eye specification that is friendly to children’s eyes.

・VR goggles of single-lens type are line up, so it is friendly to children’s eyes


Expanded 4 kinds including ‘Dinosaur Experience’ and ‘Underwater Exploration’ with VR goggles with one eye specially friendly for children’s eyes




VR world spreading with paper VR goggles “Hako Trip”!



VR first, try experiencing! It is!

It is exhausted to this!

First of all, if you enjoy the VR world with “Hako Trip” at the beginning

I think that the world of VR will spread more!



I hope VR recognition will spread not only to the media and some people, but also to the general public!




“Hako Trip” is recommended for the first VR experience!





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