Water to grasp large ball! You can play a variety of water


Hello! This is Oki.

What kind of fun can you play with water you can grab this time?

There are various ways to play water for children!

With the water you can grasp in the touch-up picture book! big! Challenge water to grab! It is!

For the first time, try making a water to grab …

At first it is not used so it looks something like this ↓


The water that the child made for the first time is …


Sometimes it does not work well …

Although it is small, though, it seems that the satisfaction level is high as it was made by children themselves 😀

And as we make it a second time …


When it comes to the second and third times, you can make water that is as good as it is!

that is,

If you grab a knack …!

This beautiful, soaked water! It is!

–>> –>>–>>–>>–>>–>>


large! It is! Completion of water to grasp!


Beautiful and big grasping water. If we can do so far, the satisfaction of our children is the highest tide! It is!

<–  I was able to make this size because I used the otama used in cooking!


Ladle is useful for making water to grab large ball!

As a material,

I used alginic acid in half a plastic bottle.

(It is a 17oz PET bottle.)

Water where various play is charming!

Like this, making big water, it fits quite well (lol)

(It’s pretty beautiful, is not it?)

Besides that, I can make various kinds of water!


Keeping the figure closed … I will be healed …


Colorful grasping water. Artificial eyebrows also use this principle.


Mini Mini! Grasp water? Waste water? (Lol)

Even if it fails it is safe (lol). Plenty of ingredients, you can make 2 bottles of PET!


Do not spill alginic acid indispensable for making water to grasp · · ·


If you have alginic acid for 2 bottles of PET bottles you can make various, 😀 you are safe even if you fail


Once alginic acid mix well, you can make water to grab!

Finally, the water to grab holds for completion.

Did it! Grab water! It is!

Once you know the flow of water you grasp,

Challenge the water you can finally grasp large ball!


Large, beautiful, hold water 😀

In the mini booklet (mini book) attached to the book to touch

Illustration that explains how to make water that you can understand clearly is grasped.


In the water you can touch touching water, there is a mini booklet that is described with illustration with a way of making illustrations.

Even children themselves can make it while watching this,

Both father and mother should watch over.

Is it safe to have this water good enough to grasp this?

It is an accessory of water to grasp the touching figurebook.


The water you grasp in touching books comes with convenient spoons and syringes for weighing materials and materials.

【Touch the picture book “Grab water” set contents】
1, with a mini book (Content: How to make water to grab, secret that water can grab ?, various ways to play water)
2, sodium alginate (about 1 liter)
3, calcium lactate (about 2 liters)
4, Eyedropper (It is convenient to make colored water and small grain water to grab)
5, measuring spoon (Weigh alginic acid.)
6, Palette (It is convenient to melt pigment.)
Suggested retail price 1,000 yen (excluding tax)


With a material and a brochure, touch the picture book grab water


I got used to it two or three times,

The goodness of water that you can grasp making it beautifully sure.

Because it’s really easy to get used to,

Think of practice twice the first time twice and try challenging!

The following posts the contents written in the previous article, so please refer to it.

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Attention point 1

Is there a mistake in the amount of water and the amount of powder?

There is no need to measure the amount of kitchen, please check it as it is in the instructions.

There are times when you hear the story that you got it all wrong.

Attention point 2

It is important to put alginic acid in calcium water.

Please quickly get rid of it.

However, it is “soak” so as not to cause water flow as much as possible.

If it drips slowly or if the alginic acid does not clump, it will be stretched by water flow and it will make it slender.

“Sat!” But “Sok!” Is!

(By Tamaki)

Because there is sense that it is not transmitted only by words,

Please also refer to this video.

Grab water! Please enjoy it! It is!

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